Funds raised so far

The Warehouse stores in 12 regions across New Zealand are competing to see who can raise the most $$$ and cycle the most kilometres.

Thanks to The Warehouse for helping Plunket support New Zealand families in need, and thanks to YOU, for taking an interest in Pedal for Plunket. To get involved, head on down to your local The Warehouse store.

Region 1 v. Region 12 (Upper North Island v. Deep South Island)
Region 2 v. Region 11 (North Auckland v. Mid-South Island)
Region 3 v. Region 10 (Auckland v. Upper-South Island)
Region 4 v. Region 9 (South Auckland v. Lower North Island)
Region 5 v. Region 8 (Waikato v. Mid-west North Island)
Region 6 v. Region 7 (East Cast North Island v. Central / Lower East Coast North Island)